5 Things Your Profession Might Say About Your Personality

by Laika Deunert

Have you ever wondered what your profession would be if you had a different set of personality traits? In today’s society where social media has become a daily aspect of the majority of people’s lives. It seems pretty easy for the outsider to be able to decipher someone’s personality based on the content they make publicly available. According to this recent study, personality traits deciphered from the target studies digital fingerprints are heavily associated with professions. For instance, the personality traits of software engineers gravitate towards very low agreeableness and low conscientiousness vs athletes who tend to have low openness but high agreeableness. You may be wondering what significance your personality holds in terms of your career as a lawyer, wine connoisseur, startup founder or dump truck driver.

1. Engagement and Wealth

It’s no secret that some individuals feel engaged in their career and then some individuals view their job as just another means of making ends meet. However, it is a lesser-known statistic that those who love their job, get richer faster.  A study on 8,484 employees was able to determine that employees who reported being engaged in work showed an average of 10% more salary wage in comparison to their counterparts.  Why is that? When you love what you do, you invest more time into what you’re doing and the results will reward you in time. Startup founders fall underneath a unique category because depending on if they have received funding yet their product and their business is their “boss”.  Their business determines their salary. Although they may not report to a higher person in their company, they still reap the benefits of their businesses financial success. So it’s no wonder why many startup founders are so engaged with their business. 


 2. Happiness

Is there a genetic predisposition to happiness? Some scientists believe so. Regardless of that hypotheses, it’s been proven that physical exercise is beneficial to your mental health. So why are some start-up founders happier than others? Your work environment may play a role in your overall happiness and well-being. That is why it is crucial that you don’t take the stress of work home with you. In addition, your physical and mental health plays an important role in the success of your business. So take care of yourself because is one of the most underrated factors, determining the success of your business.


 3. Interpersonal Skills

Your communication skills are just as essential to the growth of a company as any other technical or hard skills. This entails diplomacy, willingness to help others, optimism, influence, and flexibility. This is why it is essential to connect with others and land these soft-skills. It is also why so many startup founders choose to work from coworking spaces like 360 Lab San Francisco. In a coworking space, you can work and collaborate with people from different sets of professions. A coworking space is also a great space to surround yourself with contrasting varieties of personalities. 


4. Political Orientation 

This is an interesting topic of discussion especially in today’s political climate but political orientation indeed might have a correlation with your profession according to this article by the business insider. Did you know that those who pursue artistic professions such as acting, illustration, and print media are more likely to fall under the liberal-leaning left-wing spectrum of politics? Whereas blue-collar labor-focused job workers tend to lean towards the conservative right-wing spectrum. Then there are professional fields such as finance and business that tend to fall smack in the middle. Not to say that just because you are a horse rancher, that you enjoy listening to political debates led by loud-mouthed belligerents who so happens to be orange. But the statistic is there. 


5. Motivational Goals 

Motivating yourself to do even the most mundane things in life can sometimes be a feat. Now imagine having to motivate yourself to run your own company. This means you are in charge of setting your salary, finding work or customers, executing it, paying your bills, then doing it all again next month. Especially if you are working as a solopreneur or entrepreneur from home or a coffee shop it is easy to spend your days watching cat videos on youtube vs actively promoting your company or service. So it says a lot about a person when they can work independently on a project without being under the watchful eye of a boss or supervisor. It demonstrates their level of motivation and organization. To optimize your motivation, it is important to stay organized and set clear goals. 

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