7 Reasons You Should Work at a Coworking Space and Not From Home

by Laika Deunert

Many people love the idea of working from home. At first glance, it seems like the perfect idea. You don’t have to commute anywhere, there’s peace, quiet, privacy—not to mention, you get to work in your pajamas. But, if working from home is so great, why are so many companies hesitant to let their team members do their work from home?

Why Working at Home Doesn’t Work


Although working from home does sound great at first, it also presents a number of challenges. For starters, you’re more prone to distractions at home. No one’s stopping you from taking a two-hour break to browse your social media or watch a movie in the middle of your day. By working from home, you eliminate the need for a babysitter. Unfortunately, as cute as your kids or pets are, you’ll probably find that they’ll want way more time with you than your workload is able to afford. 


Even without these distractions preventing you from getting your work done, working from home can still be quite a mental challenge. Studies have shown that people who work from home become less motivated to complete their work than people with dedicated office spaces. Using a home office has also been proven to be stress-inducing since the much-needed boundary between one’s home life and work-life begins to blur over time. The loneliness that comes with working at home only adds salt to these wounds.


Working from home may not offer you as much personal freedom as you might think. It’s harder for team members to trust one another when they aren’t working in close proximity to each other. Your team leader may begin to overcompensate for your absence from the office by contacting you frequently about your work. This micromanagement can be just as frustrating at home as it is in a typical office environment. 


Why You Should Work at a Shared Office


If you’re a small team without the available budget to lease a conventional office space, you might be concerned that working from home isn’t benefiting you and your coworkers as much as you’d like. If you’re a single freelancer, maybe you’re looking for a place that’s more conducive to efficient task-managing. In either case, the following reasons will have you running to a coworking space for a membership. 


Better Productivity

When you step into a coworking space, the productive atmosphere is the first thing you’ll notice — and fall in love with. Nothing motivates people better than watching other people work hard on their passion projects. The more you’re surrounded by hard-working, focused people, the more likely you’ll be to feel that same sense of accountability for your own work. 


Better Mental Health

As previously mentioned, working at home can be extremely isolating and distressing. Several studies have shown that social isolation can increase one’s chances of high blood pressure, increased cholesterol, degraded cognitive function, and depression. Shared office spaces motivate a community culture, and offer members multiple opportunities to connect and collaborate. When you step into a coworking building, your personal wellness will thank you!

Expanded Network

Networking is an essential part of becoming a successful business. At a coworking space, the opportunities to meet new people and cultivate new opportunities are endless. Of course, you can always try to reach out to new people at home, but cold-calls and emails seldom allow for the growth of a genuinely meaningful connection. At a coworking space, you can speak to and build great professional relationships with all kinds of people — designers, artists, attorneys, writers, financial consultants, experienced leaders — all willing to offer a helping hand, if you have the courage to ask kindly. 


Making Friends

Who says shared offices are only for making professional connections? The social nature of coworking part of what makes it so great! Coworking offices are used by all kinds of people from many different walks of life — and with many different interests. If you’re new to the San Francisco area, a coworking office could be a great start if you’re looking for new people to get to know outside of work. Although approaching someone at their dedicated desk during a phone call and striking up a conversation about yesterday’s game isn’t advised, there’s nothing stopping you from introducing yourself while you’re taking a break in your shared office kitchen. 


Setting a Routine

Many people who work from home find it extremely challenging to establish a consistent work routine. It’s hard to set boundaries when it comes to working hours because your office is always right there in front of you. You could sit down at your desk as early as 9 am, and work a solid twelve hours before you pass out in your chair from exhaustion. At a coworking office, it’s easier to set up a proper work routine and separate time at your desk from your personal time.


Plenty of Amenities

If you’ve ever worked from home, you know it’s extremely annoying to press the print button on your word document, only to realize your printer is out of ink. Now you have to waste time on a thirty-minute excursion to your local office supply store to spend more money than you need to on replacement cartridges. It’s only until people start working at a shared office that they realize how time-saving readily available amenities are. For a flat-rate monthly membership, you get access to high-quality office machines, lightning-fast wifi, and all the tea and coffee your heart desires.


Home Without the Home

Some people love working from home because they can move their operation over to their couch when they get tired of sitting at their desks. But did you know that coworking spaces provide the same wonderful option? Shared offices provide a number of seating options for members, including traditional desks, standing desks, and even lounge seating. When you get tired of one, simply move to another. 

At the end of the day, coworking spaces just can’t be beaten. They provide all the relaxing comforts of a home office, while also providing a productive work environment for coworkers. If you and your team are interested in utilizing these benefits to improve your business operation, 360 Lab SF can offer all of these perks and more. Contact our team today for information on our membership options.

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