8 Must-Have Coworking Space Amenities

by Laika Deunert


Today’s best coworking spaces have all the things you need to work efficiently and comfortably. When you sign up for a membership at a shared office in San Francisco, you gain access to a number of essential amenities — all of which are included in one cost-effective monthly membership fee. 


Does your shared office space have all of these must-have amenities? If not, you may want to consider joining one that does


Fast Wifi

A good internet connection is a crucial amenity that most businesses need in a workspace. If you work at a coworking office, you’ve probably had the pleasure of working at a crowded coffee shop or a stuffy library. Sure, you may be able to tolerate the uncomfortable furniture or the blaring shop music. But trying to quickly get through your emails or send off important documents can suddenly feel like year-long tasks if you’re using that overshared, basic wifi. Also, open hotspots can leave you vulnerable to data theft


Working at a shared office space guarantees a fast, reliable connection. Many coworking spaces also secure their wifi networks with passwords that are only offered to members, so you know your information will stay safe as you work. If anything does happen to your internet connection at a coworking space, the building community manager usually has an IT professional on-call to handle any technical issues. 


Comfortable Furniture

Getting work done at a coworking office typically requires many hours of sitting down. Sitting can actually put a ton of strain on your body and can cause chronic back pain if you aren’t postured correctly in ergonomic seating. Coworking office administrators understand this and ensure that all of their guests are seated comfortably, whether they decide to sit in a traditional office chair or work from a sofa.


Most office chairs at coworking spaces work with the curvature of your back to give you optimal support. You can also raise or lower the chair so you can meet your monitor at eye level so you don’t have to strain your neck. That’s something that the seating at your local coffee shop just can’t offer. 


Phone Booths

Phone booths or cellphone zones are becoming a popular trend among professional workplaces. You can use a phone booth to ensure privacy during your phone conversations. These are especially handy if you work at a shared desk and you don’t wish to broadcast any private business or personal information to your coworkers. These areas are also a great way to maintain a respectful workplace among you and your coworkers. Picking up your phone and talking for long periods of time at your shared desk can distract your coworkers from their tasks. To avoid any tension, you can head to a private phone booth and allow your coworkers to finish their work in peace. 


Meeting Areas

Meeting areas aren’t a major requirement for every member of a shared workspace — some people have memberships because they enjoy having a dedicated space where they can work in peace. But if you are a team that needs to strategize together every so often or a startup that needs to build connections in order to grow, having a meeting room available definitely comes in handy. There are many different reasons to use a meeting room; holding group meetings, giving private presentations, hosting small events, or even giving interviews. 


A Multifunctional Print Station

Every shared office needs a good printer, complete with scanning and copying functions. Shared offices have many members who depend on the availability of print services, so these machines get a lot of use. All this print/scan/copy work can wear down even the best of printers down eventually. Coworking offices understand this and know to buy printers with great support services. If the printer runs low on ink or gets jammed, there’s usually already someone on the case. 



There are plenty of online tools available for project management. Though many of us have a program of choice when it comes to conveying our ideas, there are times where a more hands-on approach is necessary. Sometimes the best thing you can have to brainstorm or convey your ideas to your coworkers is a whiteboard. You can use whiteboards to map out your thoughts, write out equations and outlines, and even strategize the next steps on your work project. You can use a whiteboard at your next meeting to make for a more interactive group experience. 


A Fully Functioning Kitchen

Going out for lunch is fun every once in a while. But what isn’t fun, is having to spend money every day of the week on over-priced food because your office doesn’t have a refrigerator or a microwave. A great coworking space will have a kitchen, complete with these items, as well as plates, cups, and cutlery that you can use on your lunch break. With these amenities, you can bring any lunch you want to work without worrying about your food spoiling. 


Complimentary Coffee & Tea

Of course, no coworking office kitchen is complete without complimentary coffee and tea. To some people, this may not be all that important. But if you’re a frequent coffee drinker, you understand just how much a cup or two a day can add up. Enjoying endless complimentary cups will save some extra cash while giving you the kick you need to get your work done.


Start Working at a Shared Office Space Today

There are eight featured amenities on this list, but shared office spaces offer so much more. Are you searching for a modern environment where you can work peacefully and efficiently? 360 Lab SF has all of these amenities and more, to guarantee you the best office experience you’ll ever have. Contact our team today for more information on our monthly memberships.

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