Here’s Why Your Nonprofit Should Use a Shared Office Space

by Laika Deunert

Leading a nonprofit team takes as much planning and effort as managing any business. That’s why having a home base is essential. Unfortunately, conventional office spaces can be costly. Nonprofit organizations often don’t have the same flexibility in their spending budget as for-profit companies. Therefore, they tend to jump between workspaces without being able to secure an office of their own for the long term. 

If you are part of a nonprofit team that’s lacking a secure location for you and your coworkers to work effectively, a shared office space might just be the solution to your problem. Coworking spaces provide all the tools nonprofits need to function correctly while keeping their monthly expenses low. Here are a few reasons why your nonprofit should use a coworking office space:

Flexible Options

Coworking spaces can accommodate any team, no matter the size or budget. Shared offices have a range of work area types, including:

  • Hot desks (non-allocated desks)
  • Dedicated desks
  • Private offices
  • Cafe-style seating

Shared offices also have specialty areas like quiet zones for people who need to need to stay laser-focused. Other specialty areas include phone booths so that you can use your cell to talk without disturbing your coworkers.

On-Site Mail

A shared office will provide you with a physical office address and an on-site mailbox, so you don’t have to worry about sending your work mail elsewhere. When it’s time to evolve your nonprofit from a labor of love to an established organization, a professional office address for mail is essential. Even if you’re only in space a few days a week, your business’s ability to receive mail is important. Most shared office spaces now offer specialized mail services.


You’ll never have to make another trip to an office supply store again! Stop wasting the money from your precious budget to refill on paper and printer ink. Shared offices have tons of amenities for your nonprofit to use. Take advantage of top-of-the-line printers, scanners, copiers, shredding machines, and more. Not to mention, shared office spaces will provide you with all the complimentary coffee you need to stay productive all day long.

Meeting Rooms

As your nonprofit organization expands, you’ll likely need an official space to meet with donors, partners, and community leaders. It’s also good to have space handy in case of any events you may need to host. Shared offices have meeting rooms, presentation areas, and conference rooms. You’ll be able to keep your guests comfortable (goodbye, noisy coffee shop meetings!) and provide them with a quiet environment where neither of you will be distracted from other coworkers.


Coworking spaces are built for people to work effectively. They are also made with comfort in mind. Coworking offices tend to have a range of seating options in contrast to traditional offices. You can decide whether you want to sit at a standard height desk or lay back into a relaxing sofa. Whatever you choose will be sure to put you and your team at ease while you work. Offices like 360 Lab SF also use plants to bring life into the space and increase the well being of their members.

Convenient Location

Shared offices can be found all over San Francisco, from city centers to suburban areas, to small communities. No matter where you are, chances are good that you’ll be able to find a shared office that works for you. 360 Lab in San Francisco is a convenient office space close to multiple modes of transit, great eateries, and San Francisco’s South Park — perfect for when you feel like picnicking during your lunch hour.

Professional Networking

Coworking spaces are the best environments for nonprofit organizations to find and connect with like-minded people, whether your cause is related to the environment, the arts, local issues, or the common good. A coworking space will have plenty of people who are interested in what you do and how your causes benefit each other. This informal professional network you have access to will provide you all the referrals and connections you need to further your nonprofit.

Special Events

Shared offices will sometimes host events on topics of value for their members. Common event topics include:

  • Branding
  • Promotional social media
  • Content marketing
  • Information security
  • Web development and maintenance
  • Financial management
  • Productivity
  • Health and wellness

These events may seem business-oriented. However, being knowledgeable on topics like marketing and finance management can serve your nonprofit well.


Obtaining a lease to a conventional office is expensive. Coworking spaces offer affordable memberships at incredible prices. You can decide your workspace based on what you can afford. If you need more seats next month, you can easily upgrade your membership to accommodate your expanding team.

Low Commitment

Forget signing a five-year rental agreement for a workplace. Shared spaces will enable your nonprofit the ability to commit to a space month by month so that you can secure a great office space without taking a massive financial risk.

Community Support

Shared workplaces are packed with involved, knowledgeable people who are usually very happy to lend a helping hand. At a coworking office, you don’t have to feel nervous about inviting a colleague for coffee to help you plan out the course of your venture. Your office mates are also probably very willing to make it to your fundraising event, so why not send over an invite?

Better Productivity

Studies have shown that people who work in shared office spaces work more efficiently. As bonuses, coworkers at shared offices are happier and more social than their traditional office counterparts. Sign your nonprofit up for a monthly membership at a shared office if you want to boost morale, and make meaningful business connections.

Are you looking to take your nonprofit organization to the next level? You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars a month to have a workspace worthy of your cause. 360 Lab San Francisco offers a range of different spaces for your team to work, network, and host events. Get in touch with us today to get started.

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