Mentors for your Startup to Succeed

It’s always great to have external people for a different opinion, get new valuable connections or be invited to a helpful community. That is why we are very proud of our hand curated mentors that can help you to succeed with your business and support you in almost every case. Each member of 360 Lab San Francisco will have access to all 360 Lab San Francisco Mentors. Most of the mentors offer free mentoring hours.

360 Lab San Francisco Mentors

Doug Bend
Legal Counsel For Entrepreneurs @ Bend Law Group, PC
US Law
Alexander Meyer
Co-Founder @ 360 Lab San Francisco
Entrepreneurship and Marketing
Nick Larson
Co-Founder @ Contento
Storytelling, Raising capital, Sales
Bianca Loew
CEO & Founder @ SafeRoom
Cyber Security, Mobile Communication, Fundraising, Immigration
Dominik Meyer
Head of Growth @ 360 Lab San Francisco
Growth Hacking, Customer Journey Tracking and Data-Driven Marketing
Peter Wang
Community & Growth @ 360 Lab San Francisco
Influencer Marketing, Content Creation, Crowd Funding
Arthur Mrozowski
Managing Partner @ Silicon Hill Ventures, LLC.
IOT, Media, Advertising
Silke English
Head of Operations @ 360 Lab San Francisco
Business Operations and Practices
Hudson Liao
Head of Growth @ MeetingPulse
Marketing and Sales Growth
Tamba Baldé
Co-Founder / CFO @ Sweep
Business Strategy, Finance, IoT
Michelle E. Messina
CEO & Founder @ Explora
Business strategy, Sales Process & Strategy, Message Clarity and Pitching

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