The Benefits of a Shared Office Membership

by Laika Deunert

Over the years, conventional workplaces have evolved into more than a collection of isolated private offices and stuffy cubicles. Companies, both large and small, have moved from traditional offices to shared office spaces. As the rent prices of conventional office spaces in San Francisco continue to rise, business owners are beginning to notice the benefits shared office spaces have to offer. 

In today’s world, businesses can grow exponentially in almost no time at all. Entrepreneurs are now recognizing that coworking spaces are an effective way to minimize their office expenses while also providing ample room for growth. But these aren’t the only reasons why shared office spaces are the best option for any company. There are many other reasons why businesses all over North America are making the switch to shared office spaces. Here are a few benefits a shared office space can bring to your business.

Shared Offices Are Financially Safer

It’s easy to overlook your long-term finances when you’re looking for an ideal space for you and your team. But if you’re a small business or a brand new start-up, it’s essential to manage your business expenses carefully. New companies can take 2-3 years to begin to make profits. So signing a 3-year lease on a private office may not be the best financial decision to make if you want your start-up to survive.
Coworking spaces offer businesses more flexibility and a more extensive range of office space options. Shared office spaces only require month-long commitments. If you’re an individual looking for a convenient workspace, some shared offices even have weekly plans for you to utilize. You can also upgrade or downgrade your membership at a moment’s notice. It’s okay to realize a few months into your venture that you need to downsize to minimize costs. You can work with a representative to find a plan that best fits your changing business needs.

Office Amenities

Coworking spaces also have amenities that you would have to pay extra for at a traditional office. In a shared space, these office essentials are often included in the cost of your membership. Functional office spaces will have all the essentials: printers, scanners, projectors, meeting rooms, private phone booths, secure storage spaces, and high-speed internet.

Some coworking spaces also have kitchen areas complete with coffee machines, tea kettles, and plenty of mugs and glasses. If you need a space to host a significant event or seminar, shared office spaces often have event rooms big enough to handle the crowd.

Better Productivity

Some business owners may not feel that they require a brick-and-mortar office space for their employees to work. Why spend any money on an office when you could cut the cost completely? Well, research has shown that working from home has a multitude of downsides, including loss of motivation and productivity, as well as feelings of isolation and loneliness. 

Providing your team with a shared workspace will establish a solid weekly routine and encourage them to get their work done efficiently. Instead of being distracted by your TV at home or trying to work at a noisy coffee shop, you and your coworkers will be able to focus. Shared office spaces provide an optimal environment for collaboration and goal-setting.
Shared office spaces provide a more casual working environment than traditional offices. You and your team can set up your area in whatever way suits your work needs the most. Do you work better while listening to music? Feel free to put on some headphones. Are you getting tired of sitting at your desk? Some coworking spaces have lounge areas where you can relax, or even finish your work assignment from the comfort of a sofa.

Office Diversity

Shared office spaces host a variety of people from many different walks of life. A coworking space is a perfect place to network and take advantage of the different ideas and concepts that other people have to offer. Without sharing an office, you may have never met otherwise! Sharing your ideas with people from various trades may lead you to a new take on your work that you may have never thought of on your own.

The connections you can make at a shared office space can also benefit you and your business. Coworking spaces provide an easy way for start-ups and smaller businesses to connect with more established companies. Who knows? You may end up in a collaborative project that could change your business for the better.

Shared Offices are Unique

There’s no doubt that shared offices have made a distinct mark on today’s workforce. Since their conception in Silicon Valley, office spaces have continued to make companies relook at how their work environments shape people. Shared office spaces are a comfortable, contemporary twist on the conventional office. They allow coworkers to work while enjoying the comforts of home, without losing their drive or productivity. 

Of course, nothing is perfect. Shared offices do offer less privacy than traditional offices. Additionally, all that collaboration and networking can be a little distracting if you’re someone who prefers to work in a quiet environment. Don’t worry; coworking spaces do provide private offices so that you and your team can work away from the crowd, should they prefer it.

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