25,000 sq ft for Makers,
Innovators and Visionaries

The Space Plan

On 25,000 sq ft 360 Lab San Francisco offers several services to serve your specific need. Start your idea while working at the co-working area together with other crazy people, just like you and meet them at the kitchen area. Host your events in the main event space area to spread the word about your idea or your vision. Working hard all day long pushes you to make you relax at our lounge area and chill before your company grows faster and faster until you move to your own private office with your team.
Private offices
Meeting spaces
Main Event Space
Lounge Area

Building & area

Within 360 Lab San Francisco we create a close community of entrepreneurs, visionaries and live lovers. Enjoy the unique atmosphere in a historic building at South Beach next to the Ball Park. Natural light will give you more energy to work harder on your projects and make them a reality.

Close Community
Only hand-picked members.
Historic Building
Write history in the space.
Natural Light
Work within the sun floated space.
Italian, Mexican, BBQ, Chinese and more.
Calm down at the Lounge Area
Recording Studio
Podcast, Video, PR Training,...

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